Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Lesson from "Walk the Line"

My wife and I saw the new movie Walk the Line the other night.  The movie is a “biopic” retelling much of Johnny Cash’s early life.  We both really enjoyed the movie.

Johnny Cash’s story is a tragic one.  Religion/Faith is just as prevalent a theme in the film as addiction and domestic violence.

However, one of the most interesting scenes in the film depicted Johnny Cash meeting with recording executives.  Cash was trying to convince them to record a concert he was planning at Folsom State Prison in California.  The scene goes something like this:

Recording Exec: “Listen Johnny, your fan base is made up of good, church-going Christian folk.  They don’t wanna hear you singin’ to a bunch of murderers and rapists just to cheer them up!”

Johnny Cash: “Then they aren’t really Christians.”

Good stuff…