Monday, August 08, 2005

Re: Reverse Psychology

In a recent Sunday Comment, I called for the left to covertly "attack" nominee Roberts from the right by embracing him. After revelations last week about Roberts' assistance to gay rights litigants, the strategy seems even more plausible. Consider this article from the Denver Post, which begins:

When the details were revealed last week about John Roberts' energetic involvement in overturning Colorado's anti-gay-rights amendment, it created some real cognitive dissonance in the evangelical community. This is a group, after all, that likes its issues - and its judges - uncomplicated.
I don't see embracing Roberts as sneaky at all. It just isn't right that Bush can appoint a rock solid economic conservative with shaky social conservative "credentials" without peeving off the Christian Right. This was their issue in 2004. If they can't get a socially conservative Supreme Court nominee, then why did they vote for Bush again?


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