Sunday, July 31, 2005


I realized a little something this morning in church. While studying furiously over the past 2+ months for the bar exam, I hardly realized that my faith and God-seeking were put on the back burner. No, I wasn't out causing trouble around town nor did I take leave from trying to stick up for the "least of these" -- my moral convictions didn't flinch. I realized this morning, however, that while drowning myself in secured transactions, real property and criminal law for the past 2 months (along with moving back to Texas beforehand), I wasn't actively seeking God --- I was too caught up with myself.

Therein, I think, lies the danger of living life solely by a moral code. It's easy to establish patterns of behavior and beliefs - a moral compass if you will - to guide you through life's trials and tribulations after you've fought the intellectual battles and decided what it is that you are going to believe. After the dust settles, however, and especially at times when we have so much going on in our lives that we can't seemingly take a breather, it is easy for us to neglect just where it is that the guiding compass comes from in the first place. When this happens - and it does to all of us - we stop actively seeking God and instead fall back on the laurels of where we think God is. In other words, we start living by what is in effect OUR own morality, not God's morality.

I think this problems manifests itself in the bodies of many churches today. How many people out there do you know that are following their pastor's morality, not actively seeking God's own?


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