Monday, June 13, 2005

Law School Reflection from a Bar Study Perspective

I thought that I would share a couple of quick thoughts on law school generally now that I am on the other side and studying for the bar exam.

(1): Law school is too long. It really doesn't take 3 years to get the jist of law school. After an intense first year (1L) and a chance to some of the courses you really want to (2L), law students should be eligible to take the bar exam and move on with their lives. While there is certainly enough material on the bar exam to fill three years of law school, there's nothing saying anyone that wanted to be a licensed attorney couldn't learn it for themselves. Abraham Lincoln learned the law that way, and that's pretty much what Infission and I are doing right now in re numerous topics (commerical paper?).

(2): Why can't there be a bar review course offered in law school? Given that graduation from an "accredited" law school is often mandatory in order to sit for a state's bar exam, doesn't it make sense that those same law schools should prep you for the exam?

In high school I took an SAT prep class as one of my electives. Why can't law school offer something similar for the bar exam?

(3): They weren't lying when they said that there was a lot of material on the bar exam. Speaking of, I'd better get back to studying!!


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