Wednesday, May 04, 2005

We're still at War; and Now They're at War

The AP reports today that the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq has reached 1,590. Over 91% of these (1452 soldiers) have been killed since President Bush declared major hostilities over. It has been too long since we have lamented this tragedy; this outrage.

More disturbing still: Sunni militants killed 60 and injured 150 other Iraqis today in the bombing of a police center at Irbil. It increasingly looks as if a civil war between Sunni and Shi'i Iraqis is breaking out - despite the best of U.S. efforts.

Saddam Hussein's tyrannical regime was indeed terrible, but if the U.S. thought that Sunni and Shi'i Muslims in Iraq were just going to quietly come together under some sort of completely secular, Westernized government, it was gravely mistaken. And if it expects Sunni Muslims to accept Shi'i dominance, it is terrifically naive. What is to be done now is hard to say. But a good start would be to get someone into a high policy position that knows something about Islam. I'm pleased that the President recognizes that Islam is a peaceful religion. But it would be nice if our leaders knew a bit more than that....

Update: more violence on Thursday.


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