Thursday, April 28, 2005

Texas to Ban Gay Foster Parents?

Texas is poised to become the only state in the nation to ban gay foster parents. The bill would require potential foster parents to declare their sexuality on official forms and would remove children from homes of parents later found to be homosexual.

The most disturbing aspect of this bill is that its proponents are pursuing their anti-gay agenda at the expense of children's best interest: a stable home -- any stable home. According to Texas social worker Eva Thibaudeau, Texas is already "facing an ongoing crisis of not having enough resources to take care of foster children."

I am pro-family. Texas Republicans are pro-heterosexuality. There is a difference.


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous donzelion said...

A law calculated to go over as well as the Texas ban on sodomy and the Colorado ban on "any laws that confer protections to homosexuals."

Still, it's hard to say where that would wind up: the states have the authority to do anything that is rationally related to a legitimate government interest.

Is discriminating against homosexuals a "legitimate" interest? An awful lot of Republicans would say so...

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Infission said...

Romer v. Evans ( held that discriminating against homosexuals is not, in itself, a legitimate state interest. The Supreme Court struck down the Colorado law you referenced on that basis -- lack of any legitimate state interest.

Legal precedents aside, however, the point here is that the Right (at least in Texas) is more anti-gay than pro-family. "Family values" is just a euphamism for anti-gay. Where the provision of a stable home environment conflicts with the suppression of homosexuality, Texas Republicans opt for the latter.


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