Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Real Threat to Religious Expression, Prologue

The tale I tell is one of woe --
of a truth once exhalted, but now laid low,
of an activist Court that lost its way,
and far from the founders its doctrine did stray.
And in its zealous, hasty crusade,
Religious expression it did degrade....

What's that you say?
You know this tale well?
Of crèches?
Of school prayers expelled?
No, dear friend, it is not these things
that my tragedy, to your attention, brings.

My tale of woe is so much richer --
of ambulance chasers and venders of liquor.
How generations of judges -- five, seven and nine --
built a Tower of Babel that scoundrels could climb:
a doctrine that held the commercial sublime,
a doctrine that conflated profane and Divine.

Note: subsequent posts in this series will not be in verse =)


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