Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Culture of Life!

Heartening signs today that the "culture of life" slogan may be taking politics to places that the Right never intended.

New York's legislature refused to reinstate its death penalty after the state's highest court held this June that procedural aspects of New York's decade-old death penalty statute made it unconstitutional. The New York Times reports:

Democrats in the State Assembly closed the door today on reviving the death penalty in New York State this year, handing a significant victory to groups that are trying to build national momentum against capital punishment.

Jim Wallis writes that truly Christian politicians will promote "a consistent ethic of life" that includes abolishing the death penalty: "I am against the death penalty in principle. We simply should not kill to show we are against killing."

The death penalty, says Wallis, "just satisfies revenge," which is certainly not a Christian value. New York's vote gives me hope that this renewed interest in Christian politics is more than just skin deep....


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