Monday, February 07, 2005

Thoughts on thoughts.

Random thought of the day...

I think there's two ways of coming to understand the world: internally and externally. Let me explain.

Some people look inside to understand the essence of human existence, spirit, and being. I think I am one of these people. By positing one's self as "typical" of all humanity, you seek to understand what drives you and what affects you, and in doing so, come to understand more about human nature. The power of observation is critical to this approach, as we are all certainly limited by our own psyche's and life experiences.

The other author of this blog, I think, tends towards the second method of understanding: looking to the external world. I tease him about being too professorial sometimes, but I think it's an equal valid - and perhaps more solidly grounded - way of understanding. It surely makes citing a whole lot easier! It's an approach based on other people's conclusions and studies, combining the knowledge of thinkers past all while coming to your own worldview.

Observation and scholarship. Makes for a good team, I think.


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