Monday, February 21, 2005

George Washington and a blind eye to history

We here at the Social Gospel Today have accused modern Christians (and people in general) of lacking an understanding of historical cause and effect. Now, another example:
When Americans rate their greatest president, they do not agree on who tops the list, but seem to rank a half-dozen chief executives ahead of the nation's first. George Washington tied for sixth place in one recent poll and rated seventh in another.
What??? See for yourself. George Washington was a phenomenal President, if only because he stepped down from power, choosing not to be a dictator and setting an example that served the young country well. Oh yeah, and he was a great General, too. He helped win this thing called the Revolutionary War. Putting Presidents like Reagan, Clinton, and W ahead of George Washington is ludicrous if for no other reason than their accomplishments are too young to be evaluated historically! Come on people, THINK A LITTLE BIT!

George, you've earned my respect - thank you.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger DLW said...

I guess he had to use some strategy and command the respect of his troops so we could hold out against the British long enough so that they would become preoccupied elsewhere in the world and unable to squash our terrorism.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger DLW said...

Oh, and that whole refusing to be king was, of course, of phenomenal importance. Though, not having an heir, if he had become king, it would have made the line of succession unclear. Thank goodnesses for the sterility from his youthful whoring. ;)


At 2:22 AM, Blogger donzelion said...

George Washington's achievements:
(1) He stepped down. That DOES count.
(2) Neutrality proclamation of 1793. Paved the way for America to stay out of 'foreign entanglements' for 100 years or so (for the most part). Of course, America was busily annexing the West for most of that period...
(3) Domestic rebellions. Washington put 'em down hard, setting the stage for Lincoln to do the same to much more important effect four score years later.

I'd put Washington in the top five, certainly below Lincoln. Reagan comes in at the bottom tier of presidents in my book.


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