Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bush's Bait and Switch: Christians "are getting played"

This from Farhad Majoo of

Bush's second-term focus on money issues like Social Security, the tax code, and tort law, rather than on gay marriage and abortion, proves a point that several liberal analysts put forward during the campaign: Republican politicians constantly use the culture wars to hoodwink religious people into voting for big-business ideas that, ultimately, run against the financial interests of the voters. "This is a party with a mission, a historical mission it's adhered to since the 1930s -- and that has been the mission of the business community, the repeal of the New Deal and war with the labor movement," says Thomas Frank, whose book "What's the Matter With Kansas?" offers the most detailed explication yet of the theory that Republicans fan the flames of social issues only to get their way on business issues. Social Security privatization, Frank says, is further proof that religious people "are getting played."

Of course, we believe that they are hoodwinked not only into voting against their economic interest but also hoodwinked into voting against critical Christian values like social justice.

(hat tip, Jesus Politics)


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