Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Born into Brothels

Last night, I saw the documentary "Born into Brothels." I think everyone should see this film.

Following the lives of children in Calcutta, India's "red light" distict (i.e. children whose parents are mired in the sex industry), "Born into Brothels" chronicles one determined woman's efforts to save a group of children through education and photography. Teaching the children how to use cameras and how to take photos, Zana Briski takes the viewer on a journey through places few westerners ever see - or ever want to see. Guided by the eyes and lenses of the children, one cannot help but imagine what awaits them if Briski is not successful at getting them placed in quality schools.

Everyone needs to see this film. Not only is "Born into Brothels" a reminder of how wonderful and hopeful children are, but it is also serves as a painful reminder of all that needs to be done - especially by us comfortable westerners - to make this world a more just place.


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