Thursday, January 13, 2005


A victory for much-maligned lawyers everywhere...

Didn't your mother tell you not to cast stones if you live in a glass house? Guess what??? We ALL live in glass houses.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger DLW said...

You might want to modify you religion blog label, inasmuch as I believe my blog would also fit under that label if defined more generally.

But hey, thanks!!!


At 9:23 AM, Blogger jj said...


Thanks for your interest in our blog! In terms of organizing our links, I've clarified the categories. The Religious Blogs category is now "Progressive Religious Blogs." The point of that category is to highlight blogs whose views I agree with about 95% of the time. The "Different Perspectives" category also includes religious blogs. See A Green Conservatism. This is also not necessarily to say that your blog isn't progressive or that I wouldn't agree with you a lot. Your views appear to be complex, and from what I have time to read (not much 'cause I'm a crazily busy student) I (1) agree with your posts 40% of the time, (2) disagree 10% of the time and (3) find that your posts go over my head 50% of the time! Thus, at this point I can't yet put you in the "speaks-for-me" category!


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