Thursday, January 27, 2005

A confession

I really liked my sidekick's "confession" piece, and have unilaterally decided that such confessions will become a regular post on this blog. Not only will it help "the blogosphere" understand our sense of morality, but hopefully it will challenge our readers' conception of morality as well.

Confession: A woman on the street working for Children International stopped me on the street today (and their workers have done with some frequency). She asked me if she could have a minute of my time, to which I responded "I've spoken with y'all before." She then said, "Oh, did you sponsor a child?" As I was walking away, with the walls falling in on myself, I mumbled to her "yeah." She then asked me what country the child was in, to which I responded "I forget - it has been a couple of years."

Confession: I've never donated money to a child in a foreign country through Children International. Though it won't change my subconscious reaction to this woman's question (the part that really saddens me), tonight I fully intend to change that. Maybe you can too.


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