Friday, January 21, 2005

Baseball as a Road to God

Yes, that is the name of the undergraduate class that I am a teaching assistant for this semester. Pretty freakin' fantastic, if you ask me.

An introduction to one of the readings for the class (Baseball and the Meaning of Life, by Donald Hall) reads:

In this lonely land of ours, where the beacon of individuality has guided us from the onset of nationhood, baseball has become the tie that binds. Where religion, family, class, even ideology unite people of other lands, here baseball is the lingua franca: it connects males across the barriers of class or age, as Donald Hall notes, and in its arcane ways lies the immigrant's sure path to beoming American. But what baseball does is apart from what it is, and like music or art, it is a thing of beauty for its own sake.
Think about that the next time you see an immigrant wearing a Yankees hat. More on the class after it gets rolling on Monday.


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