Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What is going on here?

More of the same, that's what...

Naked woman on Monday Night Football intro a week ago? Gasp! A whole week's worth of newsworthy commentary.

11.2 percent of all American families struggling to feed themselves? Ho-hum, no biggie - barely even reported.

Well, at least Bob Herbert had something to say about it in his opinion column this week in the NY Times:
"These are dismal statistics for a country as well-to-do as the United States. But we don't hear much about them because hunger is associated with poverty, and poverty is not even close to becoming part of our national conversation. Swift boats, yes. Sex scenes on "Monday Night Football," most definitely. The struggle of millions of Americans to feed themselves? Oh no. Let's not go there.

What does that tell you about American values?"

Has the political discourse really become just like the religious discourse in modern Christian churches? Lots of talk of sexual taboo, marriage, and homosexuals, but hardly nothing about poverty, hunger, or the greed that prevents us from doing something about it -- all endorsed specifically or implicitly by ministers from the pulpit each Sunday morning.

Conclusion? Step One towards a more progressive America: more progressive churches.


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