Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Where to begin!??! There's a host of lessons to be garnished from this story: a long-time University janitor left the school $2.3 million upon his death - the school's largest ever donation.

Admirable? Surely, but the bigger question is why?

Because he gave up so much money? Sure, but didn't Jesus command us to not store up our treasures on earth in the first place?

For humbly doing a job that, all too often, others would - and most at least unconsciously - look down upon? Without a doubt. But you know what makes this story great? The janitor did have the means to live a life apart from "the least of these," but - at least in terms of his employment - he chose not to. Instead, he and his late wife lived frugally, patching his pants and turning the colors on his shirts.

Now had he been doing all that to save up some cash for a big cruise, or a big inheritance to his kids, most could agree that would have been pretty selfish. But is that what he did with all that money? Nope, he endowed a bunch of scholarships at a school he cared a lot about. Amazing. Rest in Peace, Genesio.


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