Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why you must root for the Red Sox

That's right fans: Christians have a duty to root for the Red Sox over the Yankees.

Now I don't mean to trivialize the faith here by any means, only to interject some fun into a religious blog.

Think of it this way: the Yankees are the "haves" of the baseball world. 26 World Championships, and a payroll that outdistances every other team in the League. They have the most money, the most revenue (NYC is a big market), and they have an uncanny history of great players that allows them to attract whomever they want to play for them. Don't believe me? Out of the single digit numbers available, the Yankees have retired all but two: 6 and 2, both of which are held by two key members of the current Yankee dynasty, manage Joe Torre and shortstop Derek Jeter.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox are the "have nots." I'm not talking about revenue or payroll - the Red Sox have the second highest payroll, afterall. I'm talking about being the little kid that always gets picked on; the underpriviledged; the cursed. They haven't won a World Series since 1918, and they blew their best chance since in 1986 when a ball rolled between their first baseman's legs.

Rooting for the Yankees is like cheering for Standard Oil or Bill Gates - they already have everything. Since sacrifice is a Christian virtue, it is time for them to give it up a little bit.



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