Saturday, October 09, 2004

Out of the Closet and into the Fire

I love to mix metaphors.

As some of the learned readers of this page probably suspect, the two authors of this blog have no formal training in theology. We are avid readers of Christian thinkers like Bishop Spong and Walter Rauschenbusch, but we remain laypeople. In fact, our chosen field is not renowned for its ethics or Christian responsibility: we're lawyers! (Well, third-year law students to be precise.)

Despite the seeming incongruity of this, both of us chose our profession with Christian principles in mind. Lawyers, like politicians, are in a unique position to affect social structures and can be, if they choose to be, powerful forces in moving our society towards the Kingdom of God. Our choice to become lawyers reflects our conviction that Christianity should be more about action than contemplation.

Why do I point this out now?

Because from this point forward we intend to include commentary on law and legal doctrine as a part of our musings. The law is obscure, complex and often misunderstood by non-lawyers. But our legal structures are institutions of critical importance for the Kingdom of God. With special knowledge on the subject to share, we feel compelled to do so!


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