Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ban the Bible?

The right is growing ever more desperate and hysterical in its attempt to keep its hold on thoughtful religious people. A pamphlet distributed to voters in Arkansas and West Virginia by the Republican National Committee suggested that Democrats intend to ban the Bible. The AP reports:

the pamphlet included a graphic showing a Bible with the word "banned" across it, and a graphic of a man placing a ring on the hand of another man with the word "allowed" across it.

Republicans did not deny that they authored or sent the pamphlet. Rather, they defended by pointing out that the pamphlet did not specifically mention Democrats.

The pamphlet is actually, if possible, worse than described in reports. I couldn't find a way to paste it into this post, but YOU CAN VIEW THE MAILING <HERE>. It has the word "BANNED" across two different Bibles with the tag "Liberals want to impose their values on Arkansas." Yeah, I'm sure noone knew they were talking about Democrats....


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