Wednesday, September 22, 2004

They are people, too.

Associated Press
HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Contrite condemned killer Andrew Flores was executed Tuesday evening for fatally shooting a San Antonio convenience store clerk during a $45 robbery 11 years ago.
"Today I go home to the Lord," he said in a brief last statement. "But first I have to say something."
"I am real sorry," he said, looking at the wife of his victim. "I took a family member's life and I shouldn't have. I hope that you can move on. I'm just sorry. I can't bring anyone back. I would if I could. I won't ask for your forgiveness. God will be my judge."
Flores then turned and expressed his love to his friends and relatives, including his sobbing mother and sister.
"Be strong and I will see you all, hopefully not soon. Keep your head up," he said.
After taking a couple of deep breaths and gasping, he slipped into unconsciousness. Nine minutes later at 6:20 p.m., he was pronounced dead.
Flores, 32, became the 13th Texas prison inmate to receive lethal injection this year. At least 11 others have execution dates for later in 2004, including five next month.

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