Sunday, September 05, 2004

In Memory

I would be remiss if I didn't use this outlet to express my remorse for all those mourning - 40 days by Orthodox tradition - right now in Russia and across the world. The terrorist attack on a middle school in the Russian city of Baslan has no precedent - not even the 9-11 hijackers targeted children. When an attack of that magnitude occurs, we are all brothers and sisters - Russian, American, white or black - shedding the same tears, united against hatred. In recognition of this, we should all do something to show our community with those in Russia feeling the same fear that we in America learned all too well three years ago this week. Wear a ribbon, say a prayer, fly a flag, don't think of Russia as some big, bad "evil empire" anymore - just do something to remember those poor children and their parents.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said it best:

"Dear friends: Together we live through very hard, mournful hours. I would like to thank all those who demonstrated patience and civic responsibility. We shall always be stronger than they, by our morale, courage and our humane solidarity.

"One could see it today and the night before. In Beslan, soaked with pain and grief, people expressed even more care and support to each other and were not afraid of jeopardizing their lives for the sake of the lives and safety of others. Even in the most inhuman conditions, they remained human. It is impossible to reconcile the pain of the losses. The trial has brought us even closer together, made us re-evaluate many things. Today, we have to be together. Only thus we shall defeat the enemy."


At 5:55 PM, Blogger ats54 said...

Wouldn't it be nice if Bush would declare at least a day of mourning in solidarity with Russia? And wouldn't it be nice if Bush & Kerry both voluntarily halted campaigning for that day?

Besides being a good thing to do, it might even go a long way to repairing strained relations with Europe - particularly Russia.

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