Saturday, August 07, 2004

July: Net Jobs Loss

More signs that our economy is failing to serve "the least of these": the Labor Department reports that the country only created 32,000 jobs last month, well below the 150,000 necessary to keep pace with population growth. Chuck Currie has a great commentary on the numbers today:

George W. Bush is a United Methodist (though I don't think he actually goes to church on a regular basis and has refused to meet with the United Methodist Council of Bishops because of their anti-Iraq war stand). The United Methodist Social Principles have a great section on the value of fair employment:

We claim all economic systems to be under the judgment of God no less than other facets of the created order. Therefore, we recognize the responsibility of governments to develop and implement sound fiscal and monetary policies that provide for the economic life of individuals and corporate entities, and that ensure full employment and adequate incomes with a minimum of inflation. We believe private and public economic enterprises are responsible for the social costs of doing business, such as employment and environmental pollution, and that they should be held accountable for these costs. We support measures that would reduce the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. We further support efforts to revise tax structures and to eliminate governmental support programs that now benefit the wealthy at the expense of other persons.

This president would be wise to abandon his policies that have created such economic turmoil and adopt those advocated by his own church. People might live betters lives because of it.

I would have a different conclusion, though: "vote for John Kerry because his policies better embody the principles of the Church of which the President claims to be a member." What are the chances the President will abandon his rich-favoring policies because the Church says so?


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