Monday, August 23, 2004

From today's news...

I quote from this week's Dallas Observer.

"Flood Blood: Politicians create flooding, not the Bible"
By: Jim Schutze

At the end of July, flooding in this part of Texas killed four people and destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Joe Tillotson is mayor of Lancaster, once a countrified farming community in Southern Dallas County, now a suburban boomtown. He was quick to place blame where he believed it belonged.
On the Bible.
He said the 13-inch rains that fell in seven hours before the floods were "biblical" and told reporters no amount of preparation could have saved lives or property.
For at least the last 10 years, all the major research on flood control has been identifying a very non-biblical culprit in modern flooding: runoff. The idea that communities can do nothing to prepare for sudden heavy rains, that people just have to die or suffer ruinous economic damage, is obscene.
Not one of those four deaths had to occur. Not one was a freak of nature or an "act of God." Those were all acts of guys. Oh, and women, too, I'm sure. All of the moral hands, male and female, lifted over the years to vote for runoff bear the same blood.

What's Schutze saying? Everyone who voted in favor of runoff, in favor of shirking the socially responsible course for easy profits and commerical development, and who told their politicians that if they raised taxes and tried to fix problems like these they would be thrown out of office - each one of these people, you and I, are partly responsible for the unnecessary deaths of those 4 people.


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