Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Economic Recovery" for the Least of These?

O.k., so the send-off was a couple of hours premature.

I saw this story and simply had to say something about it. The U.S. government released a report today showing that the supposed economic recovery is not reaching the poor and that more and more people are falling below the poverty line. Here are some highlights from the report:
  • Some 1.3 million Americans slid into poverty in 2003, an increase of 4 percent bringing the total to 35.9 million people.
  • The percentage of the U.S. population living in poverty rose for the third straight year to 12.5 percent.
  • The number of U.S. residents without health care coverage also rose by 1.4 million last year to 45 million.
  • Child poverty rose to 17.6 percent from 16.7 percent in 2002, putting the new total at 12.9 million poor children.
  • Almost 1/4 of all Blacks and Hispanics are now living below the poverty line.

Given that Christians should judge economic policy on its results for the poor, we must conclude that the current course is a dismal failure.


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