Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Whoops, wrong country

TIME magazine is reporting that the independent 9/11 commission will release a study later this week showing that -- while links between al-Qaeda and Iraq were nonexistent -- there were real links between Iran and al-Qaeda.  This emphatically shows the problem with the preemptive theory of war which both Bush and Kerry have endorsed.  We have the most sophisticated intelligence system in the world, and we still invaded the wrong country!  SOMEBODY (Iran) had links to al-Qaeda, but it wasn't Iraq.  SOMEBODY (North Korea) was developing weapons of mass destruction, but it wasn't Iraq.  SOMEBODY (Sudan, Saudi Arabia, etc.) had an acute humanitarian crisis, but it wasn't Iraq.   Maybe if we spent less time trying to "get them before they get us," and more time exploring strategies for avoiding war, we might have gotten it right.


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