Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Sin = Selfishness.

Name me one sin that isn't SELFISH in nature.   Go ahead, try me.  I bet you can't.



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At 9:43 AM, Blogger Lost In NY said...

Whether or not you consider homosexuality a sin, it is still a sexual act, a pleasure of the flesh. Outside of a committed relationship, people have sex because it feels good, because it adds something to THEIR OWN life. Doing something for yourself, regardless of the consequences to others today and tomorrow, is by its nature SELFISH.

At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is homosexuality selfish or not? If it isn't and it is a sin, then that it destroys your equation. If it IS self and not a sin, then that destroys your equation too. In fact, you seem dangerous close to logical circularity here. How about we let God decide what's a sin and what's not rather than trying to come up with hopelessly fallible human formulas.

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Also, does your logic mean that all sex other than sex for procreation is a sin? If I have sex with my wife for pleasure does that make it selfish and, therefore, a sin?

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Lost In NY said...

Great example, thanks for bringing it up.

What makes any sexual act selfish? I would say when it is not out of love. If I go out an "sow my wild oats," I'm not doing it to add anything to anyone else's life, I'm doing it to for my own pleasure - that's SELFISH. Whether or not I sleep with someone of the same sex or an opposite sex - the hard line you are trying to draw - doesn't make a bit of a difference.

If, however, I am sleeping with someone whom I am committed to, whom I love, and whose life I am trying to enrich and come closer to, then sex is far from sinful. In fact, it is the most intimate bond a person can share with someone. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to have children or not, what matters is your MINDSET. Are you out for your own pleasure (SELFISHNESS), or are you out to build a committed relationship based on love and intimacy?

I'm glad you know what God says is right and wrong. That must be quite a burden on your shoulders.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Lost In NY said...

For that matter, I believe that SELFISHNESS = SIN isn't a human formula at all, but a divine one, straight from the mouth of Jesus himself.

If there's any human formula for sin, it's worshipping a book written by a bunch of men over hundreds of years. Calling it God's definition of right and wrong is like a slap in the face to Jesus.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My whole point was that I DON'T believe that I am intelligent enough to figure out what is right or wrong. Our brains are simply too simple to figure out God's will by logic. That's why He gave us the Bible. It's not that I know what is right and wrong, its that the Bible tells me so. If you are at the point of calling the Bible just "a book," then we've reached the point of irreconcilable differences.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Lost In NY said...

No, the Bible is far from just a "book." Without it, it would be difficult to come to understand Jesus and, therefore, God.


I believe there is a point in the development of one's faith that the Bible no longer is the bedrock of that faith, that because you have internalized Jesus' message and understand its true power and meaning you no longer have to go and look up the answers - you know them in your heart. Your faith is no longer based on the book, but based on Jesus.

This is what Christianity is all about; that's why we call ourselves "Christ"-ians, not "Bible"-ians. I do not worship the Bible. I poorly worship a God whose will was showcased to the world through the teachings of Jesus.

Many churches today teach a biblical faith, one centered not on Jesus Christ, but on the Bible. But Jesus taught that you come closer to God by ACTING OUT scripture's teachings - by following His lead - not by spending quiet time alone trying better to understand difficult text. Where does such a faith leave people that cannot read? What about people that never have a Bible? What about people that just aren't very smart?

Faith in the Bible is shallow, it provides you many answers, but often leaves you saying "there are some things people can't know." And that's only if you are smart enough to read it and rich enough to have one. What an elitest concept. That's not what Jesus was about.

Faith in Jesus is complete and free - with it, there is nothing you cannot do. You can worship your Bible, I'm going to worship God.


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