Monday, July 12, 2004

A Last Word...

After decrying the gay marriage debate as a distraction, I have let myself become distracted. Consequently, I am going to give retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong the last word on the issue and then leave it behind for at least a few weeks:

"It...needs to be clearly stated that, despite the homophobic caterwauling that goes on inside the Christian church today, Jesus never said a word in any gospel about homosexuality. This is why no gospel texts can be quoted in this current arena of ecclesiastical debate. Yet the record of this Jesus for standing at the side of marginalized members of his society or the victims of sexual prejudice is clear. If he had had the knowledge that we have today about the nature and origin of homosexuality, there is no doubt where he would have stood or on which side the loving Jesus of Nazareth would have come down. Prejudice, based on either a sense of gender superiority or on differences in sexual orientation, is one more barrier to a full humanity. Jesus steps accross that barrier as readily as he does all others. He call us once more to a new being, to enter a humanity without barriers, without the defensive stereotypes we apply to issues of human sexuality. He is a God-presence who relativizes every barrier that blocks our wholeness and thus our ability to be God-bearers to others."

A New Christianity for a New World 136 (2001).


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