Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Evolutionary Creation, Creationary Evolution, Creavolution, huh?

Scientists working in Kenya yesterday found a 900,000 year-old skull which fills an important gap in the fossil record of human evolution. Why is the fact of evolution such a threat to the faith of most Christians? I think that evolution is perfectly consistent with creation. God doesn't personally and individually pull up the sun every morning or send down the rains in the Spring. Instead, God created ingenious scientific laws and processes to govern these things perfectly. Just so, God designed the process of evolution and natural selection as a means of creation. Yes, God did intentionally create human beings. Evolution is the process by which She accomplished this phenomenal task.


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you say She???
While God does have masculine and feminine characteristics, the bible has always represented him in the masculine form:
- Melchisidic,
- Father,
- Jesus Christ: God made flesh
- The Angel Jacob fought with
- The Angel Joshua fought against.

As for the concept of one creature becoming another, I believe that like a potter plying his trade, he starts from the ground up, from simple object to more complex ones.
This is why there is so much similarity between the structure of bones and organs in animals.


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