Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Bush Economy and "the least of these"

George W. Bush's website proclaims this "the best economy we've seen in years."  In Matt. 25:44, Jesus tells us that we serve God when we serve "the least of these who are members of my family...."  Well, Bush's pride in his economy certainly shows us how little attention he pays to "the least of these."  Those at the bottom certainly haven't seen a recovery.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics reported Friday that hourly earnings of nonmanagement workers fell by 1.1% in June -- the steepest monthly decline since mid 1991.  (Note that there was a George Bush in the White House then too!)  This June decline comes after workers' wages fell by .8% in May. 
5.6% of the nation is still unemployment -- the same amount as when this so-called recovery began.
No wonder Bush's sunny economic rhetoric doesn't resonate with the public.

Despite trouble for those at the bottom, strong corporate profits continue, as do higher salaries and bonuses at the upper end of the income distribution.  Ethan Harris, chief economist at Lehman Brothers, validates John Edwards's talk about Bush creating "two Americas": 

"There's a bit of a dichotomy. Joe Six-Pack is under a lot of pressure. He got a lousy raise; he's paying more for gasoline and milk. He's not doing that great. But proprietors' income is up. Profits are up. Home values are up. Middle-income and upper-income people are looking pretty good."
Where is all the righteous Christian indignation at Bush's patently un-Christian economy?  The Agape Press did not report Friday's numbers.  It was apparently too busy with gay marriage to notice.


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